Wednesday, September 18, 2013

ChromeCast on Motorola Lapdock

In this very simple 'How To' I will show you how to use your lapdock as a portable tv thanks to ChromeCast.

Things you will need:
1.  Motorola Lapdock (charged or with power adapter)
2.  Google ChromeCast
3.  HDMI-A female to HDMI-D male adapter
4.  HDMI-D coupler
5.  Very short or in this case a retractable USB-A to USB-micro cable

 Just plug everything in as shown.

So it looks like this.

And Presto! Just be very careful as this causes high leverage on the port!

Update 08/06/15

I started using this with the amazon firestick.  This truly makes it a stand alone portable/cordless wifi-TV!

speakers are WAY to quiet and I will have a fix for that sometime in the future.

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